ADA Signage Info

ADA Sign Installation Guidelines

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) helps remove barriers for people with disabilities. More than 2.5 million Americans suffer from a visual impairment- not just blindness. High contrast ADA compliant signs help ensure accessibility for seniors, the visually impaired and blind.

An ADA compliant sign is required for every permanent room or space in a building. This document is designed to help you understand how ADA compliant signs should be installed. Always defer to your local building authority for regulations and code updates. You can review the guidelines enforceable as of March 15, 2016 at Chapter 7, section 703 of the ADA code relates to signs.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A mix of mild soap detergent diluted with water may also be used. The use of excessive moisture or aggressive cleaning agents could cause permanent damage and possibly void the sign warranty. No cleaning products containing alcohol (such as Windex, etc.) should be used. Alcohol could cause cracking or crazing, especially when used on acrylic components, also voiding the warranty. Please contact us with additional cleaning questions.


Art Requirements

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